Process Engineering

Organics Group specialises in the design, fabrication and installation of specialist process equipment for pollution control and environmental amelioration from leachate management to odour control equipment.

Our services are designed to provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism in terms of equipment provision, installation, commissioning and post-installation operation.

We work hard to ensure that the selected technical solution is ‘fit for purpose’ and that, before any work commences, the technical details of the design criteria are fully understood to ensure value for money.

Design and Assessment

Design of bespoke solutions.


Fabrication and supply

Installation and commission

Supply and installation

Operation and Maintenance

Post-sales service

Process Engineering is the science and the art of converting raw materials and engery into a vast array of materials and products that have contributed to improve health, welfare and the quality of life.

Process Systems

Activated Air Units

High-rate chemical oxidations systems for variable-source Odour Control. An Activated Air unit consists of a stainless steel cabinet containing wide-mesh UV-catalysts. Ambient air is passed through the unit, from atmosphere without any pre-treatment, and radiated.


The Organics stripper/scrubber unit, the Sy-Clone®, is designed for use in a chemical process environment. It is effective by creating a high-impact environment with maximised surface areas, thus facilitating high mass-transfer rates with reduced contact volumes.

Odour Control

Organics possesses a wide range of methods, techniques and technologies that may be employed to identify and remedy specific odorous situations. We know what makes a smell and how to turn it into a perfumed breeze on a summer’s day.

Some of our Latest Projects

PV projects, South Africa

Developed and bid into the South African REIPP procurement programme, the PV project comprises 375,000 solar panels generating some 150 GWh since 2014.

Biogas project, Indonesia

A closed lagoon bioreactor generating 3000 m3/hour of biogas for use in the milling process at a palm oil mill which treats 90 tonnes / hour of FFB in Indonesia.

Biofuels Project, Germany

Vesta Biofuels Brunsbüttel GmbH is a multi-feedstock biodiesel plant producing 200,000 tonnes of high quality biodiesel from waste.

More than 30 years of engineering excellence

Organics has over 30 years of engineering experience delivering projects all over the world. From small scale flare-stacks for burning landfill gas to large-scale leachate treatment systems for treating ammonia from landfill leachate, Organics has a wealth of talented engineers who relish a challenge.


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