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Organics has commissioned over 300 projects globally and has worked on projects ranging from ammonia stripping in Hong Kong to combustion of landfill gas and renewable energy from biogas in Australia to landfill gas treatment systems in Spain and South Africa.

Organics Group Asia is a multinational specialist engineering group with subsidiary companies having been established in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Process Engineering and Project Development

in Service of the Environment

Refuse Derived Fuel

RDF production is an essential and integral part of a modern society’s waste management options. By means of a range of transformative processes, waste can be converted into a useful product which can replace high-grade fossil fuels.

Subject to form, moisture content and calorific value, RDF can be used in a range of industrial processes from fluidised bed combustion, to cement kilns and in RDF-fired power generation facilities.

Treatment of Ammonia

Ammonia levels in leachate and wastewater streams have been increasing steadily throughout Asia for several decades.

The Organics thermally driven ammonia removal process does not require the use of elevated pH levels. With the Organics thermal ammonia stripping process, levels of 10,000 mg/l can be taken down to less than 150 mg/l,  achieving a removal rate of 98.5%.

The Organics ATAS (Advanced Thermal Ammonia System) has more than 20 years of proven, reliable and successful implementation, trusted by internationally respected clients such as Veolia and SITA.

Generation of Biogas

Organics designs and builds anaerobic digestion systems capable of producing biogas from a variety of a waste streams such as: agricultural waste, winery waste, brewery waste, farm wastes and animal manure.

Control of Landfill Gas

Landfill gas is a proven and reliable source of fuel for electricity production around the world.

Organics has designed, constructed and supplied equipment for many hundreds of landfill sites worldwide.

Engineering Excellence


Ammonia Strippers

Remove ammonia from wastewater with a physical process. Use can be made of landfill gas to heat liquid streams, or waste heat from, for example, gas engines may also be employed.


Build, Own, Operate

The management of landfill gas and leachate on an ongoing basis can be a complex, unexpectedly costly and time consuming activity.

“The ultimate objective of all environmental engineering systems is to do a small part in helping to improve the quality of life on our planet.”


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